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Tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires! Oh my!

Disaster prep for pets Mother Nature seems to want to make sure we don’t take our safety for granted. 2011 has been quite the year for natural disasters with powerful displays of many of the ways the weather and the … Continue reading

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Hot Cement Quickstep

I think it doesn’t occur to most of us when we walk on a hot day, but our pets are NOT wearing shoes, and that cement gets HOT. How hot is it? Here’s an excellent post on the subject: Don’t make … Continue reading

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How NOT to save money at the vet

I came across a post on the internet suggesting ways to save money at the vet. Some of the advice was good – stay current on your vaccinations, for instance – but two suggestions that I’ve seen oft repeated need … Continue reading

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Eeewww…. dog breath

Dental health and teeth brushing (This topic was suggested by my good friend Kyla Vyx. Thank you!) Dogs don’t have to have dog breath and cats don’t have to have cat breath, either. A healthy mouth, human, dog, cat, or … Continue reading

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He’s just fluffy!

Pet obesity is on the rise in this country, just as it is with humans. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says that as of this year, 53% of cats and 55% of dogs are overweight or obese. The numbers … Continue reading

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