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Why a house call from a mobile veterinarian might be the best choice for you AND your pet.

Better for your pet

  • Car rides can be very stressful for many pets, especially cats. Staying at home avoids that stress.
  • Many pets find veterinary hospitals to be a frightening place with strange people, animals, smells, and sounds. At home, they are surrounded by familiar faces, smells, and sounds.
  • The other pets waiting to see the vet may be ill or have parasites. There is no risk of picking up diseases like kennel cough or parasites like fleas from other pets if you don’t have to take your pet to the hospital.
  • Pets do not behave normally in a strange environment. At home, they are more relaxed and demonstrate more normal behavior. This allows the veterinarian to better evaluate your pet.

Better for you

  • An appointment at a regular veterinarian’s office is usually just 15 minutes. And you’ll rarely spend that much time with the actual doctor. An appointment with a mobile vet has the luxury of plenty of time and one-on-one attention from the vet.
  • All your pets can be seen at one time. This is especially helpful for multi-pet households that may not be able to get everyone in at the same time.
  • If you have a barrier that makes it challenging to bring your pet to a veterinarian, a house call from a mobile vet is much easier for you!

 Better for your schedule

  • Mobiles vets are generally very flexible with appointment times and are able to work around your schedule.
  • You don’t lose time corralling your pets, loading them into carriers, driving them to the veterinarian, waiting for your appointment, waiting for the staff to finish with other appointments, wait for your prescriptions to be filled, then load everyone back up and drive home.

When the time comes to say good-bye

When a beloved pet reaches the end of his life, and euthanasia is the appropriate choice, it is important to everyone involved that it be calm, quiet, and painless as possible for everyone concerned. Euthanasia performed at home relieves the patient and the entire family of the stress of traveling to the veterinarian and waiting in unfamiliar surroundings surrounded by strangers. At home, your pet is comfortable and relaxed throughout and you have the comfort of privacy before, during, and after.

Despite the advantages

  • There are times when a mobile veterinarian will need to refer your case.
  • Mobile veterinarians do not typically have hospital facilities. If a pet requires hospitalization, your mobile vet will refer you to a standing veterinary hospital.
  • Mobile veterinarians generally do not have the equipment to handle major emergencies and will need to refer you to an emergency facility.

At Home Mobile Veterinary Services can come to you and you pets. Flexible appointment times are available. Serving Muskogee, Ft. Gibson and surrounding areas.

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Why people don’t fix their pets – link

Excellent article discussing why some people might choose not to spay or neuter.

Why people don’t fix their pets

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Destructive behavior in dogs

This is a really nice article on destructive behavior, with some wince-inducing photos – oh, those red pumps!

Oh Hi! You’re home early!

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At Home Mobile Veterinary Services of Muskogee, Ok

Convenient, compassionate veterinary care in your home.

Muskogee’s only Mobile Vet for small animals.

(918) 841-1685

9-6 Monday-Friday
after hours and weekends available by appointment

Ask for $20 off your first appointment.

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Call today!

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Should you let your pet share your bed?

You probably know that pets are good for you, both physically and mentally. They reduce stress, feelings of loneliness, encourage us to exercise and help with social activity. Most households consider their pet a member of the family, and over half allow their pets to share the bed.

Is it a good idea? What about risks of disease? Doesn’t that let the dog think he’s the boss?

Some reasons why you might not want to let your pet in your bed:

I have to wash this AGAIN?

Of COURSE I showered before bed!

If you’re a dedicated neat-nik, sharing your bed is probably not going to work for you. Unless your pet is bald, there will always be some fur left where he sleeps. Also, younger pets and older pets can sometimes have “accidents” in the bed… a problem no one wants to wake up to!

However, if you’re devoted to the idea of waking up with a warm furry body, there are some fixes. Regular bathing (no more than once every week or two!) can help with both dirt and shedding. Regular brushing does wonders for shedding – but be cautious with your furminator… it can damage the skin if you’re too over-enthusiastic. You can also consider an inexpensive blanked or bedspread to put on top of everything else to protect the rest of your covers.

Speaking for myself, bed wetting is the deal breaker for me, but … if it’s only an occasional problem and you’re willing to put up with it, get a mattress cover, and see if you can convince your friend to sleep on a plastic or rubber backed mat (like a bathroom rug), on your bed.

Keep your germs to yourself!

Don't you sneeze at me!

If you suffer from pet allergies, sharing your bed with your pet is probably not a really good idea for you, even if you and your pet would prefer it. Just get extra snuggle time in during the day!

Zoonotic diseases (diseases which can pass between animals and humans), and parasites are definitely worthy of concern, but can be treated or controlled. With good pet preventative care, the risk is minor. However, if you are immune compromised, probably best not to take that risk at all.

Who’s the boss?

Some people will tell you that if you let your pet into your bed, he’ll think he’s the one in charge and you’ll end up with dominance and aggression problems. I have some personal experience with this. I have always shared my bed with my pets, and only had this problem crop up with one dog. The problem was solved by kicking him out of the bed until he figured out the proper pecking order once again.

If your dog doesn’t have any particular desire to be in charge, then letting him in your bed won’t suddenly make him want to take over. However, if your dog does have difficulties understanding that he’s not in charge, then you would banish him not just from the bed, but from any furniture at all.

Keep off!

No, I'm good here, thanks.

Personally, I go to sleep every night with my arms wrapped about my dog, and wake up with him pressed up against my knees or my back. And I like it that way.

However, if you don’t want to share your pillows with your furry family members, here’s a few suggestions:

This is MY spot.

First, and most important, he needs to have his own spot. A bed, a blanket, a towel that is always kept in the same spot. A kennel is an excellent choice!

Teach him to go to his spot on command. “Kennel up!” “Go to bed!” or whatever command works for you. Be sure to reward him copiously and consistently until he has the command mastered.

Then he needs to learn “Off!” or “Get down!” Don’t swat him, but a firm push can urge him to get down. A firm “No!” if he tries to get back up should discourage him.

This is comfy!

Finally, dogs and cats are completely capable of understanding that it’s OK to get on some furniture (the ratty old sofa) but not others (the bed and the leather recliner), as long as you’re consistent.

So…. yes or no?

It’s up to you. I love going to sleep with my dog in the bed with me, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t have a health reason why not and you want to let Fluffy under the covers with you, go right ahead.

And if you don’t want to allow it, that’s OK too. Just be sure to be consistent and your dog will be fine sleeping in his own spot.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!


And remember, no turkey bones for your pets!

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